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Spanish Lessons

Date: 25/04/2018

Hola. Buenas tardes.

For  ten weeks, a group of employees from the Warrington office took Spanish lessons for beginners after work. Everyone had their own reason for being there, from supporting their children with homework, parents living over in Spain or just generally wanting to know a bit of lingo for their annual Spanish holiday.

The course was fantastic and a big thanks to Patricia O’Leary who was our expert Spanish teacher. She taught everything from giving directions, shopping in the supermarket, telling the time and, of course, the most important part, ordering food and drinks in a restaurant.

Here’s a snippet that you may find useful – “Grande cerveza por favor”.

The group were certainly put through their paces and the two hours every week flew by. Some have enjoyed it so much, that they’re continuing onto the intermediate level course.

To celebrate all the hard work and to put everything in practice, the group went to a local Spanish restaurant for Tapas last week. Only rule was that they had to order in Spanish otherwise they wouldn’t get fed. No pressure then. Before you ask, the waiter was Spanish. Fortunately, everyone passed with flying colours and left with full stomachs.

Fantástico que todos tenemos nuestra comida.

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